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Palm kernel is among the tropical fruits that attract much attention both within and outside the African continent. It is a popular fruit in Africa due to its cooking oil.

Nigeria is one of the leading producers of palm oil worldwide. In 2020, the production of palm oil in Nigeria was estimated to be 1,015 thousand metric tons. However, between 2010 and 2020, the palm oil crops in the country increased, registering the highest growth in 2010, when the production grew by 14 percent compared to the previous year.

In the last three years, the production remained stable at over one million metric tons.

The palm kernel is the edible seed of the oil palm fruit. The fruit yields two distinct oils: palm oil derived from the outer parts of the fruit, and palm kernel oil derived from the kernel.

The pulp left after oil is rendered from the kernel is formed into “palm kernel cake“, used either as high-protein feed for dairy cattle or burned in boilers to generate electricity for palm oil mills and surrounding villages.


Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel oil which is a white to yellowish oil of vegetable origin is known to confer special attractive physical features and aroma to baked bread. It is also used for making other baked products such as cakes and biscuits. Palm kernel oil is semi-solid at room temperature and can last for long periods of time, so it is suitable for making margarine, chocolate and some other related food products. Palm kernel oil is also used at home as cooking oil.

Palm kernel oil is a major ingredient for the large-scale production of various types of soap, detergents, hair creams, body creams, and all kinds of body cream and pomades.

Palm kernel oil can be used as biodiesel fuel for the vehicle.


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Palm Kernel Nut

Palm kernel nut is an everyday good used by Industries. Once they are processed by the palm nut shelling and separating machine, the palm kernel nut is separated from palm kernel shell and they are used in the production of palm kernel oil and palm nut cake. Palm kernel oil is used in the production of soaps and other food products while the cake is used in the production of animal feeds. While on the other hand the palm kernel shells are required in large quantity in the production of bio-fuel, road construction amongst other uses.



Palm Kernel Cake

Is one of un-conventional feed stuff obtained from palm oil extraction which can be used as a feed for various livestock production?

Is a feed by-product that is used by the livestock industries. Chemical composition of palm kernel cake varies depending on the type of the fruits palm, source of sample and method of processing oil extraction (screw pressing or solvent extraction). This review was carried out to examine the effect of palm kernel cake on digestibility coefficients, daily weight gain, milk production and composition of animal. Varies treatments such as physical, chemical and biological were used to improve the nutrients digestibility and nutritive value of palm kernel cake. Several studies found that the animals performed satisfactorily well when fed on diets containing different levels of palm kernel cake. Palm kernel cake was used as feed for fattening and dairy cattle where as it has a source of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals. Digestibility coefficients for palm kernel cake were affected by adding it to animal’s diets at high levels.

Palm kernel cake is a high-fibre, medium-grade protein feed best suited to ruminants. Among other similar fodders, palm kernel cake is ranked a little higher than copra cake and cocoa pod husk, but lower than fish meal and groundnut cake, especially in its protein value.

Composed of 16% fiber, palm kernel cake also has a high phosphorus-to-calcium ratio and contains such essential elements as magnesium, iron, and zinc. The typical ration formulated for the feeding of dairy cattle consists of palm kernel cake (50%), molasses (5%), grass/hay (42%), limestone (1.5%), mineral premix (1%), and salt (0.5%), with trace element/vitamin premix.


Palm Kernel Shell

In rural community levels, palm kernel shells are used in their crude form for heating during cooking. However, it burns with a lot of smoke due to its organic content. The effect of such smoke to health cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to the modern machine—Biomass Briquette Machine, this problem can be solved easily. Briquetting can remove these inadequacies and make for efficient and sustainable use of palm kernel shell. The palm kernel shells are converted into briquettes by adopting the very simple process, utilizing readily available and affordable materials. The briquettes produced from palm kernel shell were tested for their combustion and physical characteristics. Therefore another affordable biomass fuel comes out to meet the world’s growing demand for energy.


Due to these widely uses of palm kernel nut by-products, the market of palm kernel nut is expanding, which will bring more economic effects of palm kernel nuts. Therefore palm kernel nuts is a profitable investment for you.


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